About Us

A few manicures & several different pedicure services.

Call Ryan for "the different nail experience"

Ryan is an independent contractor from the Cala Deia spa.

Mini Mani-not a manicure. Include: remove polish, shape nails,

light lotion. 15 min $ 10. (add polish $5 extra)

Manicure Includes: remove polish, trim & shape nails, oil cuticles, hand/arm massage, Cuticle Away applied, push cuticles, clean under nails, trim cuticles if desired & buff shine. 30 min $ 15. (Add polish $5 extra)

CND Vinylux Manicure Includes: manicure plus a new hybrid polish that is re-invented, no base coat needed, dries ten times faster than regular polish. Uses indirect lighting inside or outside to Re-harden the polish as you wear it. Vinylux polish has 7+days of Flawless wear 30 min. $25.

Creative Play Gel Polish Partner to CND Shellac polish. It’s the first polish product to actually have a Gel inside of it, unlike Shellac that does not have gel inside of it. Lasting 14+ days. Easy on, easy off. 45 min. $40.

CND SHELLAC A chip-free UV/LED polish, it combines the ease of 14 days wear and high gloss shine~! And your nails are dry before leaving the table. Weak nails will need another product used under Shellac polish. There is no strengthening ability w this product. We offer Rescue Rxx oil for repairing nails. No damage to natural nails, ever 45 min $40.

RE-SHELLAC~Is a snap~! Cotton and foil wrap applied to each of your nails. NO BOWLS to soak. No filling on surface of nails. We simply re-move, re-manicure and re-apply Shellac polish of your choice 60min $40. 

SHELLAC is designed to last 14 days. Apply this to your natural nails, over top of acrylics or fiberglass nails and as a toe nail polish. Shellac is a UV technology infused nail polish. It has a High-gloss shine. Shellac can even be polished with regular polish and removed without any damage to the Shellac polish..... Amazing~!!

Remove Shellac The removal price is free if you Re-Shellac your nails, otherwise there is standard charge. 15 min $15.

Simple nail designs or French polish are complimentary with nail services.

Dip Powder polish by Cuccio - Resin like liquid and color tinted powders. Paint on like polish, dip nails or pour powder to coat nails. No damage to natural nails. Lightweight and no strong odors. $30. Length can be added for $10 extra.

ORLY GELFX Builder-Gel-in-a-bottle medium strength gel, no odor, applied on natural nails, sculpture w forms or painted over tips. It goes on as a clear product. Can be filled-in or removed. 75min. $45-65  (Polish is an Add-on of $5-20)

CND Plexigel Shaper Gel  medium strength, Brush in a bottle gel nail enhancement system that delivers 2 1/2 to 3+ weeks of strength, length & shape with simple, clean application. Easy rebalance and removal for nail professionals of all levels! Fully compatible with CND Shellac & Vinylux polishes. 75min. $45-65

CND Retention+ Acrylic

Full Set of nails 60 min.  $45 &up

Acrylic Fill-In 60 min $35.   (add polish $5-20)

CND Vinylux Polish Add-on to any nail service 10 min. $ 5.00

Express Pedicure (level one) Includes: water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, buffing callus, sugar scrub, butter applied on legs/feet w light massage then Vinylux polish of your choice 45 min $40.  

Luxurious Pedicure (level two) Includes: water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, callus reducing solution applied, buffing callus, sugar scrub. Add a moisture mask and hot towel treatment, followed by a longer foot/leg massage.

Vinylux polish of your choice 60 min. $50. 

CND Shellac UV/led Power Polish  Add-on to any Pedicure 15min. $20

Decadent pedicures (level three)

 Exclusively by Ryan ONLY

Apricot Clementine pedicure $45-sale price,now thru February 28th, 2022

Blueberry Muffin pedicure $65.

Lemon meringue pedicure $65.

Chocolate cov. Strawberry pedicure $65.

Pumpkin & Chocolate Swirl pedicure $65.

Sugar Plum & Vanilla pedicure $65.

Special Dark Chocolate pedicure $65.

Peppermint (tri-mint) pedicure $65.

Strawberry Shortcake pedicure $65.

Pina Colada pedicure $65. 

Lime Margarita pedicure $65.

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark pedicure $65.

Cinnamon Sugar pedicure $65.

Mandarin Chocolate pedicure $65.

Lime/Mint Mojito pedicure $65.

These decadent pedicures Include: water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, callus reducing solution, buffing callus, sugar scrubs infused with antioxidants, moisture masques infused with flavonoids, hot towel treatment, allow several minutes for the masques to soak thru the skin cells. Vitamin & Antioxidant based skin butter is applied for a longer foot & leg massage.

Vinylux polish of your choice. 90 min. $65.

Decadent level pedicure services offered by Ryan only......

No matter which flavor you choose, experience the most relaxing pedicure service. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & flavonoids in Blueberry, Lavender, Lemon, Dark Chocolate, Mandarin, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lime, Strawberry, Colada, White Chocolate, Plum/Vanilla, Apricot, Clementine & Pumpkin are used to give your skin up to four levels of moisture. These pedicures are an excellent treat for dry feet.

All of our manicures and pedicures come with 7 day polish guarantee.

Pedicures should be done every three to five weeks.

All pedicures are triple exfoliated and we always use brand new buffers and files.